Interview with George Rozvany


George Rozvany, a former insider in Big Four accounting and multinational executive, lays out his solution to corporate tax avoidance. It is simple and compelling.

  • martin lock

    The huge budgetary impact in Australia of multinational tax avoidance, the blunt refusal of tax commissioner Jordan to name corporate names in Parliament, even under parliamentary privilege, the severe penalties for current and former tax officers for breaching tax secrecy provisions and disclosing inside information, the commercial-in-confidence muzzling of Big 4 employees, the absence of whistleblower protection, the lack of an effective regulator of the top-end tax advice industry and the apparent inability or unwillingness of the ATO to keep the multinationals in line, dictate the need for a Royal Commission.

  • Tango Juliet

    Its not only a simple & compelling solution, its an innovative one – something that should be seized on by the government, unless of course that’s just a slogan….
    Its also one that can be applied across the board. Just as there are penalties for breaches, why not provide rewards for compliance? A lesser example is to reduce licence/registration fees for drivers with good records.