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Michael West is a Walkley Award-winning journalist who began as a cadet on the Australian Financial Review. After a couple of years in stockbroking, he founded the Margin Call column at The Australian newspaper, worked at News Ltd for eight years followed by another eight years at Fairfax Media variously as a commentator and Business Editor of the Sydney Morning Herald.

  • Granger Jennifer

    Brilliant Journalism with integrity .. back in the saddle for Michael West I wonder how many people just on the mid north coast realise how this man has supported our region and others. Please follow his new endeavor, whether it be following him on twitter, facebook, supplying ideas etc.
    Congratulations Michael West and a HUGE thank you for all that you have done and all that you do!.

  • James Stewart

    My congrats too, Michael but the bigger issue that concerns me is that Fairfax and all the other establishment media, including the ABC not only sack ethical investigators like you but suppress news such as you are now publishing. A current local example was the ASX which withdrew its agreement to publish an article by Prof Peter Swan. The good news is that CIS did publish it here: This does not solve the problem that most audiences and readers rely on the establishment media.

  • Chris

    Good to see you carrying on your great work after parting company with Fairfax (pity). Best of luck Michael.

  • Michael Hutak

    Good luck in your endeavours!

  • youlots

    onwards & upwards!

  • Liz W

    I wish you an amazing run. Your country needs you!

  • bryan

    Good luck with the new venture. Like the website. Always enjoyed your stuff at Fairfax. Made a contribution, so I hope you make enough to continue.

  • Petra Liverani

    Congratulations, Michael. Hope you get massive readership. You should.

  • howard marosi

    You are one of the best journalists I have ever read, Michael. Keep up the good fight, for all our sakes.

  • John Candido

    I have read many of your articles in The Age about corporate tax evasion and others critiquing financial products and the behaviour of large and powerful businesses. I really appreciate your work and effort to advance the public interest in financial affairs and look forward to your articles on your website.

  • Dean Laffan

    Just donated to keep reading the sort of great articles I was used to at Fairfax. Keep it up.