Heavy Hands: police evict invalid pensioner with spine condition for bank


This video shows NSW police evicting an invalid pensioner with spinal condition from her home after she defaulted on her mortgage. She was pepper-sprayed and taken to hospital. The bank later made a confidential settlement but the question remains: is it appropriate for police to effectively act on behalf of big banks in evicting customers from their homes?

  • James Clander

    is it appropriate for police to effectively act on behalf of big banks in evicting customers from their homes?

    NO – It bloody well isn’t !!!!

  • Shawn Jewell

    Since the banks essentially own most things like houses under mortgage and deposits in the bank, they probably think they own the Police Forces as well. When the little guy gets robbed the police don’t even attend but when the bank is in danger of losing a few thousand dollars the SWAT team equivalent is called in.

  • Sandra Johnston

    Michael West can you please advise if this lady is ok and what’s been the outcome of this story I’m quite concerned and believe it’s great media if we follow up stories like this once the awareness is raised.

  • eleni

    When a mortgage is in default, officers are put in the position of being ordered by the Court to remove the person from a property that is no longer theirs ie evict someone who is now an illegal occupant.
    She has barricaded what was her home and made eviction difficult – forcing officers to enter using force. The officer here indicates that she has been warned numerous times this (ie that eviction) would occur.
    She would have been given time to remove her property. However, it would be difficult for her to find another property. The house appears also to show signs of hoarding which can be unsafe, a fire risk, vermin risk etc. It would also be difficult as if she has some spinal problem her income is likely to be very low. It is likely that her equity in the home is low and that purchase of another property may be impossible. It is easier than people think to lose your home – it just takes a job loss, a loss of income, divorce, illness etc and the income received will no longer support a mortgage. People do need to be better informed about such risks. Banks also need to show more care when lending. It would be good to have a follow up for this 2014 story to see how and if she secured accommodation.