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WA brings Brookfield to heel but no excuse for privatising essential services

Governments flogging essential services, particularly monopolies, to private operators has always been a "no-no" of the highest order, at least as far as this publication is concerned. Hence our coverage of the sale of hospitals to Brookfield in the Caymans and, more recently, the Government's decision to allow Brookfield to take over aged care operator Aveo.

Feeding the Chooks

As Nine Network was hosting a $10,000 a head fundraiser for the Liberal Party at its headquarters last night, Nine and News Corp newspapers were putting the finishing touches on their upbeat coverage of the Government's impending economic news.

ClubsNSW: silent on toxic pokies culture

The thuggish ClubsNSW, poker machine promoter extraordinaire and champion of NSW clubs' billion dollar pokies income, is given to whining about media coverage of the predatory clubs pokies culture. Yet this publication is yet to hear "boo".

Golden Ticket Visas for Sale!

If you a a child fleeing persecution, we'll lock you up on somebody else's island against your wishes and the advice of doctors, but if you have a thick wallet, hey we'll sell you a visa.

LendLease time to fess up

The 2018 Tax Report of LendLease is out. It confirms the construction juggernaut has effectively paid no tax in Australia yet again, although it did pay income tax, again, overseas.

Utter chaos at Australian Military Bank

Australia's defence has a powerful new weapon of strategic deterrence, the Australian Military Bank. No hostile foreign power could withstand the torture of spending hours on AMB's automatic voicemail system trying to get through to an operator. The invaders would be forced to head home again in sheer bewilderment and frustration.

Terrorists: read the fine print!

Terrorists and evil masterminds pursuing world domination are now on notice. They are required to inform paint-maker PPG Industries if their paint is to be used in rockets or chemical and biological weapons.

Blind Injustice

National Australia Bank has been charging an elderly blind farmer from rural Victoria 28 per cent interest rates on his mortgage.
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