Here is a list of big companies which regularly fail to lodge financial accounts with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission:

  • Australian Correctional Facilities Pty Ltd
    Owner and contractor of correctional services at Port Phillip Prison, Victoria which has not lodged annual accounts since year ended 30 June, 2008.
  • Serco Australia Pty Ltd
    Operator of Federal immigration detention centres, Acacia Prison WA and SE Qld Correctional Centre which
    regularly lodges accounts after the deadline of 30 April each year.
  • Serco Traffic Camera Services (Vic) Pty Ltd
    Provider of traffic camera services to Victorian Government which is regularly months late in lodging annual accounts.
  • Intralot Australia Pty Ltd
    Provider of lottery services in VIC (Public Lottery Licence holder) and WA. Regularly lodges accounts months after deadline.
  • Reed Constructions Australia Pty Ltd
    NSW based builder in financial trouble which  lodged annual accounts for the year ended 30 June 2011 last night (five months overdue).
  • Thiess Pty Ltd
    Subsidiary of Leighton Group. Has experienced major project losses in 2010-11 year and did not lodge its latest annual accounts until February 2012 (three months late).
  • United Water International Pty Ltd
    Provider of Adelaide water services until June 2011 which has not lodged its annual accounts since 2009.
  • Veolia Water Australia Pty Ltd
    Owner of and major water services provider in Australia (subsidiary of French listed Veolia). Has not lodged its accounts since 2009.
  • Suez Environnement Australia Holding Pty Ltd
    Australian holding company for French Suez Group in Australia
    A major water services operator, regularly lodges its accounts months after the deadline.