What’s the scam?


Chevron: What’s the Scam?

When the boss of Strike Energy told an oil and gas conference the other day Australia had the second best...

Shell: What’s the Scam?

Shell paid more to consultants of its massive oil and gas business in Australia over the past two years than...

EnergyAustralia: What’s the Scam?

EnergyAustralia, once Number 2 on the annual Top 40 Tax Dodgers chart, is back to paying no tax again despite...

Netflix: What’s the Scam?

Netflix Australia has produced a brilliant fantasy. Suspend disbelief now! Netflix claims it made a loss in Australia last year,...

Google: What’s the Scam?

Google Australia raked in $5.2bn revenue last year and paid the Tax Office … drumroll … zero income tax. What’s...

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