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Housing affordability plunge: radical policy the only answer

Home ownership has plunged from 43% of Australians to just 30% in 20 years, while mortgages and renting has jumped.


Skilled migrant arrivals hit 20-year low – but Covid is not the reason for innovation deflation

The drop in skilled workers arriving in Australia has hit the economy, and it began many years before the Pandemic....


Eight years in, how do our Coalition economic management gurus measure up?

Elected on a promise to eliminate Labor's ''debt disaster'', the Coalition has added $600 billlion to the national ledger.


Banquet of the Chooks: MYEFO budget leaks gobbled up in media feeding frenzy

They sure were feeding the chooks last night. Rupert Murdoch’s The Australian went live with its “exclusive” story at midnight:...


How the Reserve Bank rescued Australia from Scott and Josh

Extraordinary details have emerged of how the Reserve Bank intervened to stop Treasurer Josh Frydenberg crashing the economy as the...


Treasurer Measurer: exploding the Liberal election myth of superior economic managers

Does the Liberal Party's claim to be "superior economic managers" stack up? No. We dig back to Harold Holt, through...


Suffering in comparison: Australia’s economic outcomes the worst in 60 years

The Covid pandemic has affected several industries and data sets. But it does not explain Australia falling down the global...


Gouging Government: how a billion-dollar job agency dudded taxpayers, then the super funds

Sharemarket pirates have cashed in on Australia’s unemployed. They are targeting the disabled and the elderly next. Callum Foote and...


Addicted to privatisation, addicted to failure

The takeover bid for Sydney Airport all but done, a takeover frenzy grips the sharemarket. Investors, foreign and local, know...


Dodgicel: Andy Penn given more billions, this time to beat China to a telco takeover

Why the blazes was Telstra slotted $1.6bn by the government to buy Digicell and annoy the Chinese, and how is...


APM promoters exit jobless profits in ASX float, turn to profiteering from disabled

The impending $972m float of employment services provider APM is a classic case of foreign financiers dumping their stock into...


Beyond the Spin: workers’ share of wealth slumps to record low

Workers now have the lowest share ever of the nation’s earnings. Under-employment is even worse now than it was late...

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