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Gouging Government: how a billion-dollar job agency dudded taxpayers, then the super funds

Sharemarket pirates have cashed in on Australia’s unemployed. They are targeting the disabled and the elderly next. Callum Foote and...


Addicted to privatisation, addicted to failure

The takeover bid for Sydney Airport all but done, a takeover frenzy grips the sharemarket. Investors, foreign and local, know...


Dodgicel: Andy Penn given more billions, this time to beat China to a telco takeover

Why the blazes was Telstra slotted $1.6bn by the government to buy Digicell and annoy the Chinese, and how is...


APM promoters exit jobless profits in ASX float, turn to profiteering from disabled

The impending $972m float of employment services provider APM is a classic case of foreign financiers dumping their stock into...


Beyond the Spin: workers’ share of wealth slumps to record low

Workers now have the lowest share ever of the nation’s earnings. Under-employment is even worse now than it was late...


Liveable Income Guarantee: a rich country can do better

The shift of wealth to the wealthier is driving interest in Universal Basic Income and Job Guarantee proposals as millions...

Is the ACCC protecting telco consumers or fattening up NBNCo for sale?

Is the ACCC helping the Government get the best price for the sale of NBNCo? The competition regulators are doing...

Money for nothing, debts for free: the RBA, the banks and a negative interest rates warning

As NSW plunges back into lockdown, the banks have been warned to prepare for negative interest rates. Meanwhile, the Reserve...

Vultures’ Reprise: MacBankers bob up in takeover battle for hapless Sydney Airport

Like the muddy hand from the grave, Macquarie is suddenly circling Sydney Airport again. Michael West reports on the ultimate...

Hayne gets last laugh as “Your Future Your Super” laws deliver for small punters over big bank pals

The new "Your Future, Your Super" legislation avoided the most egregious of changes proposed by the LNP Government. YFYS will...

Coalition protects wealthy retirees’ investments under cover of Covid-19 pandemic

The Coalition moved to protect the superannuation of Australia's wealthiest retirees at the same time it was encouraging the nation's...

RBA lets it rip: are Australia’s home loan rates finally going to rise?

Two big things are happening in the bond market. One, the government is actually borrowing at a profit. Two, there...

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