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Travel insurance: beware bogus clauses which deny your claim

After years of paying for travel insurance with Travel Insurance Direct, the time finally came to make a claim. My daughter had a skiing accident and ended up in a hospital in Japan. She was discharged on crutches. The doctor efficiently provided the requisite documents for the insurance claim. A few weeks later, the claim was duly lodged with TID.

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Hobson’s choice: corporate reputation, secrecy and identity theft

Corporations rarely fess up to data-breaches and identity theft. To do so might invite a public relations disaster, a run on their customer base. Do they have a choice, and will victims continue to receive secret settlements? This is an edited text of an address on identity theft prepared for the Legal Services Commission of South Australia’s annual conference on Friday.

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Royal Commission: it’s the farmers’ turn but they only get ten days

One mystery of the Royal Commission into the banks is why it does not extend to system risk; the overwhelming leverage that is of our banks in residential housing and the safety of the entire banking system. Another is why the mercurial Macquarie Bank seems to have sidestepped the whole show. A third is why farmers have only been given ten days to tell their stories.

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