Author: Michael West

One Nation senator Rodney in strife again tomorrow

And they reckon Senator Bob Day is red hot. How about One Nation senator Rodney Culleton? Rodney is due to front yet another creditor’s meeting for one of his failed companies at 10.30 am in the offices of PPB, St George’s Terrace, Perth. It would be worth the mainstream media checking his statutory statements … Rodney Culleton, One Nation senator extraordinaire Rodney’s company, Elite Grains Pty Ltd, has just over $6 million owed to creditors and, according to the liquidator, “I am not aware of any remaining company assets at the time of my appointment”. No assets, $6 million...

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Rorticulture: MacBank, Al Gore & KordaMentha deny a farm is a farm

Incredibly, Macquarie’s investment bankers, Al Gore’s investment fund and KordaMentha are denying that a farming project – to which they lent $36 million – is a farming project at all. The flustered financiers and their insolvency agents are yet to explain why they believe a farm, whose entire modus operandi centres on the growing of cucumbers and tomatoes, is not a farm. Nonetheless, they have given notice that they will be defending a legal claim, explicitly, with the contention that the farm in question is not really a farm at all. Al Gore, Macquarie, KordaMentha stiff farming pioneer The point...

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Government ramps up data hypocrisy while Labor ducks for cover

Dear People of the Information Revolution, today is the day! “Have your say on Australia’s first Open Government National Action Plan” decreed the “ogpteam” this morning in an official government press release! Okay, ogpteam, if you insist, we’ll have our say … this is yet more utterly shameless propaganda. Never has the schism been deeper between government rhetoric and reality. This is the same government which is plotting to privatise the corporate database – sell it to a monopoly private operator – the very same database which already boasts the world’s most expensive and inaccessible “public” information. This...

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Al Gore, Macquarie, KordaMentha stiff farming pioneer

Cor Disselkoen came to Australia six years ago and sank millions of dollars into a futuristic farming project near Newcastle. The Dutchman is a pioneer of sustainable, pesticide-free agriculture. Maria’s Farm Veggies, his enormous glasshouse under construction, was to have employed 120 refugee workers by now, bringing much needed industry to the depressed community of Williamstown, whose soil has been contaminated by toxic chemical leaks from the RAAF airbase nearby. Maria’s Farm is precisely the sort of avant guard project Australia needs: high-tech, sustainable, providing hundreds of jobs. But the floods came early this year, and then came Macquarie,...

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Rodney Culleton, One Nation senator extraordinaire

“I have now become the hunter,” declared One Nation’s Rodney Culleton boldly in his maiden speech to parliament. Swept to power on a populist platform of bashing the banks, Rodney is now advocating – although he seems to be alone in this – “The Culleton Inquiry” into the financial sector. As the government smooches the four elected representatives of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party for political favours, lately gleaning their support for its ABCC bill, Rodney’s star is on the rise. He is a power broker. It is worth asking however how long his star can ascend when Rodney...

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The countdown is on.

Who will be ranked as Australia’s biggest tax dodger?

37Travelex Australia Holdings Pty Ltd

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