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Launching QED: The case for a federal ICAC

Before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, trust in government had reached its lowest level on record, according to a major study conducted by The Australian National University. Just 25% of Australians said they had confidence in their political leaders and institutions.

Do the grandchildren really pay the debt? The problem with Scott Morrison’s plan for recovery, and MMT

The Government’s plan for economic recovery is wrong. Michael West investigates Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) and the false assumption that the national Budget is like the household budget, or a business. They are already creating new money while denying the proposition that creating new money will expand the economy; preferring to punish casual workers and Arts students, and pursue austerity instead.

Crony Capitalism: Government fights off move to shut loophole for old-money billionaires

The Government has grovelled to its billionaire donors yet again, killing a Senate amendment to force the richest Australians to disclose their financial statements. Michael West reports on the crusade by independent senator Rex Patrick to hold the Morrison Government and its corporate mates such as the Packers, Murdochs and Lowys while putting property giant LendLease to the sword over its JobKeeper rorts.

Will the passage from JobKeeper to JobMaker finish at JobSeeker?

Today’s GDP is a sideshow. The real game kicks off in the first week of September when the full devastation of the coronavirus will be revealed. That’s when JobKeeper comes off, when Sally McManus wraps up her negotiations with Christian Porter, when millions of Australians are likely to hit the JobSeeker queue. Michael West reports on the new buzzword “productivity”.

The Virgin Brides: fate of airline on a knife-edge as bids lob and cash runs dry

The government has tossed $130 billion at business, the corporate largesse is dripping all over the big end of town. Even highly profitable $8 billion property developers such as Mirvac are rolling in the free money, yet when it comes to Virgin Australia they are being all punctilious about “letting the market sort it out”. Michael West reports on the future of Virgin.

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Kate Lundy

Kate Lundy

Kate Lundy was an ACT Senator (ALP) for 19 years. In 2012-13, during the Gillard government, she was Sports Minister and held assistant ministerial posts in innovation and technology. Immediately upon leaving politics Lundy took up directorships with a sport technologies network and the NRMA, and was soon appointed to the federal government’s Cyber Security Research Centre board. In addition, from 2016-2018 Lundy was employed by the ACT Government as Defence Industry Advocate. While in this role she became a director of Electro Optic Systems, a Canberra-based weapons systems manufacturer, which exports its products to Saudi Arabia and the UAE (both countries are accused of war crimes in Yemen).

Time for Rio to right its wrongs and set up HQ in Australia again

Time for Rio to right its wrongs and set up HQ in Australia again

The destruction of the sacred Juukan Gorge caves highlighted the folly of Rio Tinto’s decision-making in moving its headquarters to the UK, a world away from local knowledge and in breach of the original merger conditions. It’s time Rio ended the remote-control management and returned its team to the country that provides the bulk of its profits, writes Shane West.

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