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AdRorts: the latest corrupt practice in a prodigious body of Coalition dirty work

Is the Covid-19 vaccine the Liberal Party’s vaccine or the Australian Government’s vaccine? It’s not their money but the Liberal Party has its logo plastered across advertisements for millions in Government grants. This #AdRort campaign is but the latest in a grotesque throng of rorts, such that this must surely be the most corrupt government in Australia’s history. Elizabeth Minter and Michael West report.

Housing Hypocrites: Tim Wilson’s housing affordability crusade just an assault on super

Liberal MP Tim Wilson is the latest Coalition politician to cry crocodile tears over the housing affordability crisis, calling for Australians to access their superannuation to buy a house. Wilson’s call however is supreme hypocrisy, writes Elizabeth Minter. Coalition policies – including negative gearing, property subsidies, money-laundering, super fund borrowing and banking and lending standards – are ample evidence.

Pork Barrelling Inquiry to probe bushfire funds routed to Coalition, a billionaire and the extraordinary Wagga Wagga windfall

The Pork Barrelling Inquiry will be expanded to hear claims that bushfire funding has been diverted to Coalition political mates and even the industrial projects of billionaire Anthony Pratt. The move follows an investigation here by Elizabeth Minter into a $177 million bushfire recovery scheme which only a handful of Coalition figures and the MP for Wagga Wagga seem to have had heard about.

Donald Trump deserted by corporate funders now regulations are gutted and tax breaks banked

Corporate America is frantically distancing itself from Donald Trump in the dying days of his presidency after spending four years financing him, enjoying his tax giveaways, his attacks on workers and gutting of regulations to fatten corporate profits. Elizabeth Minter reports on the rank hypocrisy, even extending to Scott Morrison’s top adviser on Covid-19 economic recovery.

In too deep: when Gladys’ and John’s rorts go wrong

Gladys Berejiklian’s defence of pork barrelling will hardly enthuse ratepayers in Batemans Bay, or taxpayers for that matter. The local government debacle over a Leisure Centre, which got the tick from Deputy Premier John Barilaro in dubious circumstances is the quintessential object lesson in why governments should do their homework before they start throwing money around for political reasons. ​Elizabeth Minter reports.

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