Author: Sandi Keane

Turnbull’s NEG hinges on some tricky word play about coal

Push-button coal-fired power! Really? At least that’s what our prime minister would have us believe when he redefined coal as “dispatchable” in his media release on Tuesday.  Professor John Quiggin from the University of Queensland School of Economics runs the ruler over the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) and explains how Turnbull’s tricky word play solved the PM’s dilemma of addressing both policy advice and the demands of his vocal backbench. THE MOST important thing to understand about the federal government’s new National Energy Guarantee is that it is designed not to produce a sustainable and reliable electricity supply system for the...

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John Menadue: PHI wasteful, unfair, $11 billion boon for health insurance lobby

The Government’s latest attempt to prop up the profits of the private health insurance funds, courtesy of federal Health Minister Greg Hunt’s reform package, will achieve little for members, says John Menadue who argues the case for abolishing the $11 billion a year Private Health Insurance subsidy. THE WASTEFUL and unfair $11 billion per annum cost to taxpayers of the subsidy to Private Health Insurance (PHI) should be abolished and the savings used in two possible ways — part funding a Medicare dental scheme and/or part funding private hospital care through a Hospital Benefit Scheme. In that Hospital Benefit...

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CSG lobbyists: untangling the web of the influence peddlars

A Vote Compass survey taken during the 2016 federal election reported two-thirds of Australians opposed easing restrictions on CSG exploration, compared with just over half during the previous election. CSG is unpopular with both farmers, environmentalists and, increasingly, most other voters. Following her investigation into Barnaby’s gas bonanza, whistleblower Simone Marsh untangles the web of influence peddlers — the CSG lobbyists. THE PLANNING phase for east coast CSG-LNG commenced during the Howard LNP innings at the federal level. The present Queensland director of lobby group APPEA, Rhys Turner, was an advisor in the office of PM John Howard and Shadow...

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Shell plays Australian gas customers for mugs

In the wake of the AFR National Energy Summit in Sydney, investment analyst Bruce Robertson joins Shell Australia’s Zoe Yujnovich in debunking a few gas myths — specifically those of Shell Australia. PLAYING THE public for mugs is standard practice for Australia’s gas cartel in any discussion on the gas crisis which grips this country. In an article in the Australian Financial Review ahead of the summit on Monday, Shell’s new boss Zoe Yujnovich took aim at ‘gas myths’. Yujnovic plucked a longbow from Shell’s arsenal of spin and took aim: “Allow me to be absolutely clear on this point – Australian gas...

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Investigation: Barnaby’s gas bonanza and the pervading influence of the gas lobby

Gas companies weigh a heavy influence over Australia’s political leadership. As the horror show over high gas prices unfolds, Big Gas Con whistleblower and analyst, Simone Marsh, reports on National Party donations, the gas lobby, the “revolving doors” between industry and politics, and Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and his land parcel at Narrabri where Santos is planning to drill. This is the first of a two-part series. THE COALITION’S complicity over gas exports was on display last week as the Prime Minister twirled the control trigger on his finger, then turned to point at us. Turnbull’s government threatens...

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