Author: Sandi Keane

We should levy Facebook and Google to fund journalism – here’s how

Investigations into corporate tax avoidance led to tighter tax laws for Google and Facebook, adding almost a billion dollars to the federal budget this year. Why not levy Facebook and Google to fund public interest journalism? Story by journalist and academic Ben Eltham. THERE WAS a fascinating moment towards the end of Wednesday’s hearings of the Senate Inquiry into the Future of Public Interest Journalism. Journalist Michael West was at the stand. West’s experience is in many ways emblematic. Once a marquee investigator for Fairfax Media with multiple scoops to his name, West was made redundant in one of Fairfax’s seemingly endless rounds...

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The great gas con: how Australia got sucked dry

Whistleblower Simone Marsh unpacks the startling evidence of how the Australian public was shortchanged by both Big Gas and Queensland Inc. The result is the present gas crisis and the recent, unprecedented move by the Federal Government to intervene in the market. This is a story of “revolving doors” between industry and government and influence peddling, a story which demands that whistleblowers be protected at all costs, and a story which demands that governments be accountable to the citizens who elect them.  A SUCCESSFUL PARASITE does not kill its host. That’s the underlying message admitted by Woodside CEO Peter Coleman at the...

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New Michael West Podcast

Created by PodcastOne, this 3 part series looks into how Australia has gone from one of the cheapest countries in the world for energy to one of the most expensive, and reveals just what has happened with our gas and electricity supply and why we are on the verge of an energy crisis.

Listen to THE ENERGY TRUTH on the PodcastOne website

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