Author: Michael West

Dreams of speed gone to the dogs

In August 2008, central coast greyhound trainer Andrew Schofield purchased some semen that he dearly hoped would breed a litter of champions. That day, his fate was sealed. He was to inseminate his bitch Supreme Instinct with semen extracted from a Victorian pure-bred greyhound called Bombastic Shiraz. In late October, Supreme Instinct whelped four puppies: one stillborn, one male and two bitches. As the mother recovered from the Caesarean operation, Schofield reared the pups with love and care and, two years later, he left them with a colleague, Ken Staines, to be broken in. In was then, on the...

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Sky News accidentally presented a good chance to set the record straight against claims in Murdoch press, and Fairfax too, that the credibility of – and our coverage of multinational tax avoidance – has been compromised. What was supposed to be an ambush didn’t work out too well and we look forward to our next hit-out at the North Ryde studios if any of the senior Sky town criers are up for it. Opening statement to Senate Tax Inquiry The brief clip below is Tax Commissioner Chris Jordan responding to a question from Guardian Australia’s Gareth Hutchens. Jordan’s...

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Minister still mum on Adani funding as mine’s prospects fade

It is yet another failure of our elected officials and public servants to be accountable to their voters and taxpayers, another sign that politicians and bureaucrats govern, not for public interest, but for vested interests. Almost two months have rolled by since the government’s export agency, Export Finance and Insurance Corporation (EFIC) was asked by this reporter if it was secretly assisting to finance Adani’s $16 billion Carmichael coal project. Nothing. No response from EFIC apart from the usual manicured PR reply. Nothing either from the minister who instructs EFIC, Steven Ciobo. Nothing at all apart from a pledge...

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