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A Barilaro Affair: how the Barilaros ended up with the Clubhouse when the Club went under

Without the knowledge of its members, Queanbeyan’s Marco Polo Social Club was sold to a company controlled by NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro’s father Domenico. Domenico was president of the Social Club, an institution of the Italian community. The new owners introduced tough financial conditions and eventually the members had to give up their rights, and the property was later sold to an associate of the Barilaros in 2004. Callum Foote reports.

Anthony Albanese coy on gas as Scott Morrison locks in Australia’s fossil fuel future

Australia’s carbon-belching future is surely being sealed by the Coalition with the acquiescence of Labor. As the world turns from coal, gas is almost as toxic for the climate. Callum Foote reports on Labor’s capture by the gas lobby capture while Angus Taylor appoints Macquarie’s Shemara Wikramanayake and former Origin chief Grant King to advise on his Energy Roadmap even though they are smack-bang in the middle of a billion-dollar gas deal.

Snow Job: why the cover-up over Snowy Hydro 2.0?

The National Parks Association of NSW and ex-Energy Australia chair Ted Woodley are considering a legal challenge to the $10 billion Snowy 2.0, which they say will push back the transition to renewable energy and destroy thousands of hectares of national park, in light of the fact that the whole project hinges on a 30-year-old report. which is being kept secret writes Callum Foote.

Closing the Gap: how a captive media failed to question Scott Morrison on defunding

Only one member of the Australian media questioned Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s narrative about the “innocent” failure of Kevin Rudd’s Closing the Gap scheme. This failure of accountability from all major Australian media outlets skirts over the $1 billion in funding cut from Indigenous services. Callum Foote lays down the real numbers in this investigation of yet another instance of media succumbing to Government public relations narratives.

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