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Assault on environment by gas fracking multinationals escalates

Multinational corporations have captured the national polity and continue to push last-century energy solutions on Australia, in defiance of sound policy and due process. The US fracking industry has collapsed. Yet the Covid Commission forges ahead with coal seam gas plans for Santos at Narrabri. Callum Foote reports.

Joe Hockey

Hockey has accepted a position with Macquarie Group's US arm helping with renewable energy acquisitions. Hockey had considerable interactions with Macquarie Group directors and...

Since when is it a crime to report a crime? Bernard Collaery exposes the Timor Sea betrayal

With the release of his book, Oil Under Troubled Water, to coincide with Witness K’s closed court plea hearing this month, ACT lawyer, Bernard Collaery, has raised the stakes on who the real wrong-doers are in this unedifying story of how the Howard Government defied international law to spy on it’s cash-strapped neighbour to profit from oil in the Timor Sea. Callum Foote reports.

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Covid-19 tragedy in aged care: whose side is the Coalition government on?

Covid-19 tragedy in aged care: whose side is the Coalition government on?

The numerous inquiries, reviews and consultations over the years have provided mounds of evidence of negligence, neglect and abuse in residential aged care homes. Yet the recommendations have mostly been ignored. Now we watch in horror as the number of elderly residents who have died from Covid-19 continues to climb. The government is going to have to explain how this predictable tragedy occurred on its watch.

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