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Wikipedia v ASPI: on sock-puppets and Wiki-sneaks

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute says it’s independent, free of influence and stands by the integrity of its research, so who is scrubbing negative comments from its Wikipedia page? Marcus Reubenstein reports.

Bad Manager: is Boston Consulting really consulting consultants?

Management expert Boston Consulting has managed to burn off millions in tax by paying large whacks to “consultants”. Luke Stacey investigates how the US consultants have tried to trick the Tax Office.

Digital Slaves: how Big Tech tracks us for profit

Use of AI is increasing the power of Big Tech players like Google and Facebook and their control over our lives. Cyber security expert Manal al-Sharif investigates in her #Tech4Evil series

War Powers: immense profits for arms dealers, incalculable losses for Australians

“Freedom’s always worth it,” said Scott Morrison. “What a waste,” said the father who had lost his son in Afghanistan. Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam. Tasha May totes up the immense cost of futile wars and the immense profits.

Lendlease fesses up to ATO tax scam audit, provisionally

Lendlease has finally admitted the Tax Office is conducting an audit on its $1 billion double dipping scam, while paying zero tax again in Australia. 

Dan Andrews’ pledge to end logging threatened by rising Allied wood-chip monopoly

The Andrews Government has pledged the end of native logging in Victoria by 2030. Yet it is allowing Allied Natural Wood Enterprises (ANWE) to acquire more mills and become a near monopoly, potentially profiteering on what should be an industry on its way to extinction. Conservation campaigner Harriett Swift reports.

Pauline Hanson Buckles: billionaires beat Parliament again

It has been 26 years, 26 years of the wealthiest Australians, the billionaires, subverting Australia’s Parliament, their lobbyists calling MPs and their staffers, and donating to the major parties to help keep their loophole intact. Luke Stacey and Michael West report.

Energy to Waste: Australia moves on plastics yet falls short in world recycling race

As petrochemical giants plan to double new plastics production and the bulk of Australian plastics are tipped into landfill, not recycled, Luke Stacey checks out how other countries are tackling the plastics crisis versus the Coalition Government’s 2025 National Packaging Targets and waste export bans.

Parliament’s Department of Cover-Ups faces bullying claims, tangle of lawsuits

The Government department which covered up the security report into the alleged rape of Brittany Higgins is also the department found to have a culture of bullying, and is also the department whose staffer is threatening multiple legal actions against small publishers and other Australians. What is going on at Parliament House? Michael West investigates the Department of Parliamentary Services.

The Biggest Robber: Crown caught and confessed as cagey Lendlease covers up

Organised crime haven Crown Resorts or corporate welfare champion Lendlease? Who will win? Michael West reports on the new game show, The Biggest Robber. 

Going Nuts: Murray Darling’s “unbelievably beautiful story” for investors a nightmare for farmers, environment

Duxton Water executives have been boasting about “beautiful” structural imbalances in Australia’s water market, and potentially dazzling profits from drought. Corporate nut farming is thirsty business and the proliferation of almond farms is poised to whip up prices and crush traditional agriculture in Australia’s food bowl, reports Callum Foote.

Is the ACCC protecting telco consumers or fattening up NBNCo for sale?

Is the ACCC helping the Government get the best price for the sale of NBNCo? The competition regulators are doing consumers no favours hindering investment in new telco infrastructure. Who is looking after the interests of telco consumers? asks former NBNCo CTO Gary McLaren.

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