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Human rights violations now enshrined in legislation – in Australia

Last week, the Morrison government, supported by the ALP, passed a law that allows for security agencies, on the most flimsy of pretexts, to access and manipulate the electronic data of any citizen. It continues the slide into authoritarianism that started with the Tampa affair 20 years ago.

The Nouveau Poor – gender pay gap, super inequality stretched in pandemic

Sixty one. That’s the additional number of days women currently have to work in a financial year to earn as much as their male counterparts. And when it comes to superannuation, the gender gap gets worse.

Wollemi Mine? Experts label Barilaro’s plan for new coal “corrupt”, unviable

The NSW government is pushing through new coal exploration areas in the state’s mid-west, which have been labelled unviable and “corrupt” by independent experts even as the G7 call a halt on all new coal mining reports Callum Foote

High-End Heist: Josh sells Pauline the dummy, JobKeeper heat rises

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and his big business patrons are in crisis mode amid rising demands to end the JobKeeper cover-up and disclose the transfer of billions to profitable companies. Michael West on the unfolding political drama.

JobKeeper shame and the collapse of business leadership in Australia

Unless they disclose who got it, JobKeeper will remain a giant festering stain on the reputation of big business in Australia. Michael West reports on business’s greatest shame.

Medicare investigation indicates female genital mutilation in Australia

Medicare data indicates doctors are performing circumcisions on females, many under the age of five. Health authorities are claiming a computer error but an investigation by Tasha May has found alarm among community groups.

Verging on Ponzi: how the banks are rorting the RBA’s big bail-out fund

Banks are profiteering from the Reserve Bank’s bail-out fund by betting on their own bonds. Michael West investigates a very quiet scandal that is the Committed Liquidity Facility.

Beetaloo Boondoggle: political bribes beat the planet as gas fracking gets public hand-outs

As a block, the two major parties voted to give our money, public money, to corporations to drill for coal seam gas in the Northern Territory, to open up a gigantic new territory, the Beetaloo Basin, for fracking.

Captive Mood: how Big Tech manipulates your emotions to serve advertisers

The digital advertising platforms don’t just want our data. They also want us to spend our lives online, an “addiction” created for the primary purpose of serving advertisers. Manal al-Sharif reports on the pitfalls of “digital dictatorship” in this latest of her Tech4Evil series.

White Man’s Media: Rupert Murdoch and the US Imperium

Western media – a tool of the political, military and business establishment – have contributed to the killing of millions in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya, writes John Menadue. In turn, Australia’s mainstream media is a tool of the “US Imperium”. This is the first in White Man’s Media, a series to be published in Menadue’s Pearls and Irritations.

Gladys’ leadership rumours rise as rival Perrottet embroiled in scandal

Is it coincidence that Gladys Berejiklian’s rival Dominic Perrotet is suddenly embroiled in the “Wolf of Wall Street scandal”? Michael West investigates NSW leadership tensions and the New Generations Fund.

Wikipedia v ASPI: on sock-puppets and Wiki-sneaks

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute says it’s independent, free of influence and stands by the integrity of its research, so who is scrubbing negative comments from its Wikipedia page? Marcus Reubenstein reports.

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