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Torture of Julian Assange by Australian governments sends powerful message to whistleblowers

Australia’s psychological torture of Julian Assange includes isolating and demonising him; flatly rejecting evidence of ill-treatment; refusing to respond to specific allegations; and divesting themselves of any responsibility. Leaders can’t, or won’t, accept the difference between psychological torture and ‘a legal matter’, writes Dr Lissa Johnson.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison: a “tin ear” or a contempt for women?

In his inability to listen to women, Prime Minister Scott Morrison keeps digging a bigger hole for himself, as evinced by his popularity slide in Newspoll and his latest failure to take a stand against the trolling of women by Coalition MP Andrew Laming. Yet the repeated failures indicate this is not just a matter of a “tin ear” but rather a contempt for women, reports Elizabeth Minter.

Democracy’s Watchdogs: Michael West Media turns four

We are privileged this week to be part of Democracy’s Watchdogs — Bill Birnbauer’s non-profit organisation — which “aims to honour the work of Australian investigative journalists and educate the public about the work of our watchdogs and how they have enhanced our democratic processes”. Michael West reports.

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