$5300 for Barnaby Joyce’s three NRL games

September 2012Barnaby Joyce charged ​taxpayers more than $5300 for attending three NRL games and said he would not be repaying any money because the trips were a legitimate part of the job.

Mr Joyce, who was given free tickets to watch a State of Origin game and two NRL finals in corporate boxes, claimed flights to Sydney, Comcars and overnight travel allowances to the value of $4615.

He also charged taxpayers $741 for a family member to fly to Sydney and join him at the NRL grand final, according to The Age.

When asked why he claimed for family travel, he said he had probably taken his wife or one of his daughters because he did not get to see his family often.

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Barnaby Joyce’s debateable use of VIP jet for election bid

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Barnaby Joyce’s debateable use of VIP jet for election bid

Barnaby Joyce spent more than $18,000 of taxpayer funds travelling to Armidale and Tamworth when he was trying to win the lower house seat of New England.

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